Enjoyable classes with emphasis on socialising and having fun.

Low impact exercise that focuses on: cardio health, fine and gross motor skills, articulation of joints, strengthening, coordination and balance.

Improves cognitive function.

Helps with building confidence.

Greater adherence rates in group classes due to the social accountability aspect.

Helps to decrease risk of falls. 

What Do We Offer?

We supply supported group exercise/dance classes in residential care settings, GP practices and the community.

Numerous studies have demonstrated the positive effects of group dance and exercise classes for older adults. 

S.E.E.D.S has developed a seated exercise class called Sit Fit. This class provides a safe and encouraging environment for participants to enjoy mindfull movement and strengthening exercises in a seated position [some supported standing for moderate mobility]. 

Group exercise classes are a fantastic way to encourage social behaviours and a sense of community, whilst improving physical health we also focus on building mental well-being.


Providing activities for residential care homes.

Fully adaptable lesson plans to ensure everyone is safe and enjoys the process.

Qualified staff with enhanced DBS checks.

Optional after dance teas and chat - encouraging social time.

We are currently working with Age Concern, providing weekly Sit Fit sessions. 

Booking A Session


If you would like to book our Seated Exercise and dance class for your residential setting, please complete this form and email it over to us so we can asses the needs of your clients to ensure the highest quality and safest practice. We can also then provide you with a quote.

Please drop us an email with any queries, we are happy to help.

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