Feel motivated and establish new healthy lifestyle habits to move towards better health and wellness.

See results. Work towards your goals be it weight loss, moving better, toning up, kinetic health. 

Personalised programs that take the guess work out of working out. Your expert trainer will provide you with a program that will help you see results in the way that's best for you. 

Taking a holistic approach to your program. Looking at you as a whole person to influence your person-centred program. 

Reduce risk of injury. Your trainer can help you perform exercises safely and with correct technique.

On-going support and online exercise gallery provides you with workouts between sessions.



Gaye Williams / Teacher

“I have loved my personal training sessions with Cat, the exercises are so mediative and I am loving  the results! 

Abbi Jackson/ Senior Researcher

"Since working with Cat I have lost 1 stone since Feb by combining a better diet, 20-30mins exercise 5 times a week and my PCOS medication.

"I had 4 weeks before my wedding and just wanted to feel better about myself. I trained with Cat twice a week and used her online gallery. In just 4 weeks I felt way more toned and more confidant to walk down the aisle!

Chloe Anderson / Speech Therapist

Hello I'm Catarina and I could be your personal trainer [find out about me here]. I belive that what sets S.E.E.D.S apart is the focus on health and well-being. At S.E.E.D.S it's not all about loosing those extra 10 lbs for a holiday in 2 weeks, or growing a peachy Instagram booty.  Nope, it's about creating healthy lifestyle changes and exercise programs that will help you on your journey towards enhanced health. Of course, if you are leading a healthier lifestyle and exercising more, the body is going to adapt and the exterior will match the interior.

In the world we live in today, we belive there is far too much focus on aesthetic and it becomes an unhealthy motivation. If we flip that and think about becoming more healthy through fitness endeavours, then our whole relationship to exercise can change for the better. 

Don't worry, you will still be able to loose those 10 lbs or gain muscle, but it just won't be the driving force behind your journey, instead we will look at things like: posture, mobility, muscle power and imbalances. 

Some examples of fitness measurements that will be taken at the start of your journey:

Kinetic Health 


VO2 sub max

Squat Test

Muscle Endurance


Our sessions can take place at your home, place of work. We also have access to JH Fitness Studios in Exmouth, 5 South St, Exmouth EX8 2SX, UK.

Receive on-going support

In between sessions you will have private access to our online exercise gallery and a personalised home workout program will be created for you.  Depending on your needs we can schedule weekly phone calls, texts, emails or whatever you need to help you stick to your program and make those healthy lifestyle changes. 


1: 1 Training Includes

  • Movement Analysis & Goal Setting

  •  Individualised Program Development

  • Welcome Package including Nutritional Advice

  • Home Workout Plan 


Individual 1 hour session - £30


  • 4 sessions £110 [£27. 50 p/s]

  • 8 sessions £210 [£26. 25 p/s]

  • 12 sessions £300 £25 p/s - Super-saver]

Train with a group or a partner

  • 2 people £15 p/p

  • 4 people £7. 50 p/p

  • 5 or more £6 p/p

Please drop us an email with any queries, we are happy to help.

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