Ballet at 50 | 10 Questions Answered

August 21, 2018




1. Are there any health benefits of dancing ballet?

Yes! Absolutely, it has been shown in various studies that dance has positive effects on health outcomes. For example, in a review of the literature1 it was shown that dancing improved domains including: blood pressure, lipid and glycemic profiles and body composition. Several studies have also proven the dancing’s effectiveness on balance and muscular strength.2,3


2. What if I’m a total beginner?

The class is open to ex-primas and beginners a like. The wonderful thing with ballet is, that you are able to adapt to suit your needs. With guidance from the dance instructor the class can be tailored to you. It is also a space to ask questions, if something isn’t clear don’t be afraid to ask.


3. I have Arthritis; will this class be suitable for me?

Prior to the class your instructor will ask you to fill out a Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire, that will highlight any health issues. This is also a time to discuss concerns with the instructor. The class is adaptable and any movements that may aggravate health conditions can be changed to suit your needs. If there is a particular health concern that you are unsure of, please consult with your medical professional before starting the class just to make sure it’s right for you.


4. What should I wear?

Comfortable clothing that you can move in. Leggings are preferable just so your instructor can see your legs clearly to ensure your safety and help you carry out movements correctly.


5. Do I need to bring anything?

Water is essential - stay happy, stay hydrated! Ballet shoes and grippy socks will be available to purchase. For your first lesson it is advised to wear grippy socks.


7. What style of ballet should I expect?

There are various schools of ballet including:

  • French method

  • Vaganova method

  • Cecchetti method

  • Bournonville method

To name just a few! We will be learning a hybrid form.


8. How many people will be in the class?

There is a maximum capactity of 15, but classes tend to be around 8 – 10 people.


9. I’m not flexible - does it matter?

Absolutely not! This class is about strengthening, coordination, musicality, balance and mobility. Not getting your leg past your head.


10. I just want to move to some nice music and maybe get a bit fitter, is that ok?

Yes! The class is aimed at those who want to experience ballet, have fun and get healthier in the process.


If this sounds like something you might be interested in don’t hesitate to drop us an email ( or give Catarina a call on: 07860 635109





1. Rodrigues-Krause. J, Krause. M, Reischak-Oliveira. A (2018)  ‘Dancing for healthy Ageing: Functional and Metabolic Perspectives’ Alternative Therapies in Health & Medicine Online:


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