How to get Motivated

August 27, 2018





Ok, real talk. We don’t always feel super motivated (especially on a Monday morning) to jump out of bed at 5am and head to the gym. Life ebbs and flows and everything that happens in our daily lives will have an effect on our mental state.


It’s ok not to feel ok sometimes; it’s also reasonable to not feel like running a marathon or lifting 100kg every Monday morning! However, I find that when I’m not feeling super motivated to exercise, changing up my habitual routine a little and just moving my body can help shift that cloud and make me feel a bit more ready to get up and go. 


Here are 5 top tips on how to make that shift happen:



When you wake up write down three things your grateful for. It’s amazing how this simple act can completely switch up your perspective.



Start the day with a self - care routine. Be it a shower with some beautiful essential oils or a nourishing skin care routine.



Blend up some yummy fruits and veg and drink down a good chunk of your 5 a day. Glow from the inside out.



Move your body. This can be with a mini mobility phrase or just putting o the radio in the kitchen and having a boogie.



Don’t be too hard on yourself. You are a human, humans aren’t always running at 100% all the time, it’s ok to have a not so great day. Ok, this might sound a little lame, but affirmations can be a great way of getting into a brighter more motivating space. Have a Google or check out ‘The Affirmation Podcast’ on Spotify, there are some great guiding affirmations that can give your day the positive spin you need.

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